How You Can Help

Here are a few simple ways you can help:

1. Pray for Us- We believe that the Lord answers prayer. Will you pray for us? If you will commit to praying for us, please sign up for our monthly email prayer letter. You can sign up by clicking the "Prayer Letter Sign-Up" link on the left hand side of this page.

2. Consider Furlough Meetings- As we get closer to finishing raising our support on deputation, we have found fewer and fewer dates available to book meetings. Although many churches may be unable to have us come present our ministry before we leave for language school, we are considering churches who would be interested in having us come to present our ministry while we are on furlough.  We invite you to keep in touch, pray for us, and let us know if you would be interested in having us contact you for a possible meeting on our furlough.

3. Missionary Support Ministries- We are currently organizing a list of missionary support ministries. There are many good ministries that assist missionaries in various things such as: Tract and Bible Distribution, Building Projects, Short Term trips, and many other similar ministries. If you know of any good ministries that could help us further down the road, please let us know!

4. Prophets Chambers/ Missions Apartments- If you have a prophets chamber or missions apartment that you would like to make available, please let us know!

If you can help in any of the ways listed above, please feel free to contact me at 904-571-8647 or at . Thank you so much for your help! May the Lord bless you and your ministry!