Monday, June 13, 2016

June 2016 Prayer Letter

Dear Friends and Family,

We hope that each of you are doing well. Last month was a super busy month for us here in Nicaragua. We have continued to preach the Gospel in the public schools on Fridays, and despite the difficulty of reaching this generation, we know that God's Word will not return void. In our own church, we now have 2 more teenagers who have begun serving as teacher's assistants in Sunday School. Because we have seen so much growth, Jeremy worked on a new budget and after a financial meeting, the church voted to begin supporting pastor Berner with a salary. This was a huge step in the right direction towards financial self sufficiency. During visitation, we saw a few people pray to receive Christ as Savior. Unfortunately, there was another Baptist church plant on the other side of the city that recently closed. There were a few adults and nearly 20 children that are now joining with ours. Since then, we've been at max capacity in all 5 of our Sunday school classes. In the end of the month, we did a special Mother's Day service. We were at max capacity with approximately 120 in attendance. We believe God is doing a great work in our city.

Last month was not only busy for the church, but also for our family. In the beginning of the month, Michelle's parents came to visit us. It was very nice to spend some time with them. After that, we then took a little time to help some newer missionaries with the purchase of their vehicle. We were glad to be able to help. To do something fun for Mother's Day, we went to the Managua zoo. We all really enjoyed seeing all the animals. Near the end of the month, we had a small group visit us from Mt Zion Baptist Church in Jasper, GA for a Sunday night service. We enjoyed getting to see them and show them what God is doing here. All these blessings are not without difficulties. Each person in our family took a turn with the stomach sickness, but we're mostly better now.

As we move into June, there is much to pray for. Will you please pray for the following requests?

1. That God will save many people and help us to disciple them.
2. That God will give us good health.
3. That God will guide us in His work here in Nicaragua.

In Christ,
Jeremy, Michelle, Lila, and Ellowyn Blanz