Friday, December 4, 2015

December 2015 Prayer Letter

Dear Friends and Family,

It is hard to believe we are already at the end of the year! As we approach Christmas, we know it is a privilege to proclaim the Gospel here in Nicaragua. This last month, we saw 5 people receive Christ as Savior. While we have focused upon door-to-door evangelism, we are also finding other ways to present the Gospel to unbelievers as well as edify the people of the church. We hosted a large ladies event and saw a great turnout. Nearly 40 ladies came as well as 15-20 children. We have seen steady growth and are now frequently reaching full capacity in our present location. Those who attend have shown an increase in desire to serve as well. Our church has also recently become involved in a new outreach in a neighboring city called Diria. One family invited several of their friends, and we held an evangelistic service. Several responded to the invitation, and we were given an open door to come and begin holding services in the same home. At this point, we are now looking to continue planting the seeds of the gospel in this area and preparing for a future church plant.

As for our family, we are continuing to adjust and adapt to life here in Nicaragua. We celebrated our first Thanksgiving last month, and although it is an ordinary day here, we were able to invite some friends to come to give thanks to the Lord and enjoy a somewhat traditional Thanksgiving meal with us. Another important experience was our first car accident. Somebody had hit our vehicle, and although the experience was difficult and scary, it was a blessing to see several of our Nicaraguan friends come to help us through the process. Although we've heard stories of injustice in situations like this, we were glad that in the official resolution, the other party was held responsible and we were cleared from any wrongdoing. This month, we are preparing for our first Christmas here in Nicaragua. It is the perfect opportunity to keep old traditions, make new ones, and most of all, celebrate the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

We are so thankful for those who pray for us on a regular basis. The greatest needs are generally unexpected. This month, will you please pray for the following:
1. The Lord to continue to save souls and help each person to grow in the faith.
2. The Lord to help us through the final steps of the residency process.
3. The Lord to guide and protect our family as we serve in Nicaragua.

In Christ,
Jeremy, Michelle, Lila, and Ellowyn Blanz