Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Prayer Card Design

During our time at home between Christmas and New Years Day, I was able to work on some other things, such as redesigning our prayer cards.  There are a few other things with minor changes as well.  Finally, Lila gets to be on the prayer card!

January 2013 Prayer Letter

Dear Friends and Family,

We trust that you have had a wonderful Christmas. It is now 2013, and the
Lord is surely going to do amazing things! As for us, we were able to privileged to present our ministry in one church in Alabama and two churches in North Carolina. After getting home, we were able to catch up on phone calls and correspondence. Jeremy was able to book several more meetings in MI, NC, OH, MD, VA, and PA. The slowing down of December was also the perfect time to redesign our prayer cards and include a new picture with Lila. We will receive another batch of 5,000 in a week or two. We also took the time to update our letterhead with Lila as well. As of the end of December 2012, we now have 50% of our support and another 16% that is promised!

After being gone for well over two months, it was good to be home! Shortly
after getting home, we discovered what looked like several bug bites on Lila. After a trip to the doctor, we discovered that she had Chicken Pox! She had a tough two weeks, but I am thankful that it happened while we were at home! For Christmas Eve, we were able to see Michelle's Parents. Other than a short trip for Jeremy to see his family, we celebrated Christmas Day at home. Our time at home was a great opportunity to visit our home church and be involved in our visitation outreach. During the last Saturday in December, Jeremy was able to lead a man named Johnny to the Lord. It is our responsibility to be faithful, but it is God that gives the increase!

We want to thank each of you for your continued prayer and support. We
were so blessed by many churches and individuals that gave us a special
Christmas missions offering! As we enter 2013, we are determined to use this year for the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ! This month, please pray:

1. That the Lord will guide Johnny as he grows in the faith
2. That the Lord will help us to fill the remainder of our 2013 calendar
3. That the Lord will help us to raise our remaining needed support quickly

In Christ,

Jeremy and Michelle Blanz