Monday, August 1, 2011

August Prayer Letter

We hope and pray that you each of you have been having a great summer. Last month, while slower than some of the previous months, was still quite a busy month for us! While we were not on the road quite as much as normal, we were still able to preach and share our burden with several churches in FL and VA. When we weren't traveling, we were busy booking meetings for late 2011 and 2012. Oftentimes, Jeremy makes 100 or more calls per day to churches all over the Southeast, sharing our burden to bring the Gospel to the people of Nicaragua.

As of August 1st, Michelle is now 35 1/2 weeks pregnant! With the expected delivery date around September 1st, this very well could be the month we have our first child! We are excited, and God is preparing us in many ways as we transition into parenthood. The doctors have told us that Michelle cannot travel at this point in the pregnancy, so when our meetings are out of town, Jeremy has had to travel alone. Last week, after returning from a 1,400 mile round trip into VA and back, Jeremy noticed the car was shaking a bit on the way home. The next day, when getting the oil changed, the mechanic pointed out that the tire was coming apart on the inside and bulging out, which caused the shaking. Thank you for those who pray for us, as it could have caused a blowout.

Please keep us in prayer as we move into August. Jeremy will be spending a week in church planting school in Tennessee, while Michelle stays home in FL. Please pray that we have a healthy baby, born at the "right" time, and a safe deliver. Also, please pray that we will be able to fill our schedule with meetings and mission conferences throughout late 2011 and 2012. As always, please feel free to let us know if you need prayer as well!

July Prayer Letter

I realized that I hadn't posted last month's prayer letter to the website, so here it is!

July Prayer Letter

This past month has been a time of both hard work and accomplishment for us. We have much to be grateful for! In ministry, this month we were able to go to the BIMI headquarters to complete our second year of candidate school. Looking back over this past year we can see how much we have learned. It was a real joy to be at BIMI again to learn from the directors and their wices as well as to be encouraged by them. We were able to get a fresh vision for what we are doing as we realize how much closer we are to being on the field. We know we are turly blessed to have such a wonderful mission board. We were also able to be in our home church, West Jacksonville Baptist Church, for a week of Revival meetings with Dr. David Gibbs, Bro. Jeff Amsbaugh, Bro. Joe Arthur, and the Rochester family. We were glad that we were able to work these services into our schedule and to see our church family again!

Another accomplishment this month is that, as of July, we are "officially" on full time deputation. With the work on our new home base complete, we were able to move in this past month and now can shift our focus fully to our missions work. Michelle has also put in her two weeks notice at her job in order to have a time of preparation before our baby arrives.

Please continue to pray for us as we strive to reach Nicaragua. Pray for Jeremy as he calls pastors and churches and works to fill our schedule, as well as that we will find the churches that want to join us in our ministry. Pray also for Michelle as she is in her eighth month of pregnancy. Pray that things will go well and that we will have a healthy baby girl soon! Thank you for your continued prayer and support this year. We are so grateful to have this opportunity and we know that we could not do it without all of you behind us.