Friday, March 11, 2011

Remembering the Blessings of God

As some of you may know, over this last week I fell sick to a stomach bug, which really hurt my productivity. If you're anything like me, it's easy to get a little bit down when you don't get as much done as you hoped. I sometimes have to remind myself, that even though my 100% doesn't feel like enough, the power to move mountains doesn't lie in me. If we are to ever be successful in ministry, we are to walk in faith, knowing that it is God who gives the increase. God often reminds me of that. If we are faithful to give God our best, even when it is not much, God can take that and do amazing things with it.

This is a recurring theme in Scripture. In the Old Testament, God would take a tiny army devoted to Him and overrun a large army. Jesus took a little bit of bread and a few small fish and fed thousands. Paul, struggling with his infirmity, asked the Lord several times to remove it from him three times, yet Jesus said, "My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness." Perhaps, you may be going through a time of weakness in some way, shape, or form. Remember, that our performance in doing what God wants us to do does not lie in us giving beyond what we are able to do. God wants for us to give him our best and trust in Him to give the increase.

Yesterday, I decided to make a small list of blessings to remember. I know that God pours out his blessings on us every day, but sometimes I forget just how much he blesses us. So as the day progressed, I wrote down the things I ought to be thankful for. Even though I was still recovering from being ill, God blessed my efforts tremendously. Since yesterday, we have set up 3 meetings and a 4th which we will set a date for next week! God blessed my 100%! Also, God has given us the funds to cover every need while we are on deputation. Yesterday, we got notice that $500 had been given to support our ministry, which was completely unexpected! Though it may seem small, when I took my car to get worked on, it took 30-60 minutes less than estimated. Amen! Not to mention, I am now feeling much better than I was a few days ago. Don't ever forget to give God the glory for all the great things He has done!

Friday, March 4, 2011

March Prayer Letter

Dear Friends and Family,

February has been a very exciting month for us. We were able to present our ministry in churches in both Florida and Georgia, as well as set up several more meetings throughout the year. Also, we have heard reports that some of the Nicaraguan pastors and missionary Bob Dayton have been able to bring the Gospel to 2 river villages near Puerto Cabezas. There were approximately 20 people from each village that accepted Christ as they heard the Gospel for the first time. Praise God!

Feburary has also been a month of exciting news. Michelle and I found out recently that we will be having our first baby approximately September 1st! We are very excited and have been making the appropriate changes in preparation for our first child.

As we enter into March, please pray for us and the people of Nicaragua. Pray for our unborn child and that God will prepare us as parents. Pray that the home we are working on will be completed soon. Please continue to pray for the government both in Nicaragua and United States, that the Word of God will have free course.