Friday, October 2, 2015

October 2015 Prayer Letter

Dear Friends and Family,

At the end of this month, we will have been in Nicaragua for 6 months! Every day, we are working hard to accomplish all that God has called us to do. Although we have taken several trips the migration office in Managua, we are still waiting for approval of our legal residency here. Though our residency process is slow, we are thankful that God is working quickly! Last month, we saw several more people receive Christ as Savior. Last month, we requested prayer for our partner, Berner, who had the Chikungunya virus. Thankfully, he had a great recovery. However, presently, he is in the states for three weeks preaching in a few churches. During this time, Jeremy is leading the services as well as preaching with the help of a couple other pastors. We are working hard to not only maintain the church, but to grow and strengthen the church in his absence. This month, we are doing our first church-wide visitation day. We are also hosting a Men's prayer breakfast to help strengthen the men and families of the church. Apart from the mission work at the church, Jeremy was able to preach in the Nicaragua Bible Institute. It is a blessing to encourage these young people who are training to serve the Lord!

As for our family, last month was a good month for us. Michelle's parents were able to take a brief trip down to see us and spend a little time with their grandchildren. That was a blessing and encouragement to us. They also enjoyed getting to the see the mission work here in Nicaragua. Near the end of the month, Lila went on visitation with Jeremy a few times. She really enjoyed passing out tracts and making new friends with the kids at each house. Ellie is now speaking a lot and singing a lot as well. Sometimes, she mixes parts from each song. One of our favorites is “Yes... Jesus Bible... The Bible tells me so.”

One day, while visiting, the Lord laid it upon my heart to speak with a man who was walking down the street and give him a tract. Long story made short, we built a relationship with the man, and he later received Christ as Savior. Within a few weeks, he had a heart attack and passed away. Now, he is with Christ, and his family is now attending our church. God is still in charge, and this experience reminds us of the importance of daily obedience. This month, please pray:

1. That God will continue to use us to preach the Gospel and see souls saved.
2. That God will help us with the final steps to receive legal residence.
3. That God will build his church and grow each believer in the faith.
4. That God will help Michelle and Ellowyn recover from bronchitis.