Thursday, March 13, 2014

March 2014 Prayer Letter

Dear Friends and Family,

We hope that you are doing well! We may be near the end of deputation, but we are still pushing on full steam ahead! For the month of February, we were privileged to be in 7 meetings in the states of FL, GA, and NY. We were also part of a missions conference as well. In between meetings, we drove just under 4,000 miles. We saw 2 new supporting churches, 1 commit to future support, and few other possible supporters. We are presently at 93% of our needed support, and we are trusting the Lord to provide the rest before we leave the states. As for our student visa, we have acquired the final piece of documentation needed. We have also secured housing in San Jose, Costa Rica for our time in language school.

During our time in Florida, we were able to spend a little time with Michelle's family. As we prepared for our next trip to NY, we had to keep a close eye on Winter storm Pax. At the last moment, we had to make a decision to wait one more day before leaving. Due to extremely heavy driving and dangerous weather, Jeremy decided to make this trip alone. The Lord protected him on his way up to NY. On the morning of the first meeting, our car's back brake locked up completely, effectively disabling the vehicle. Thankfully, a church member assisted with transportation for both the morning and evening meetings. The next day, the brakes worked properly, and Jeremy was able to begin his drive back to FL. In the end of the month, we enjoyed the warmth during our missions conference in South Florida! As for our girls, Ellowyn is growing up quickly and is adored everywhere we go! Lila is constantly making friends and has become a professional at giving out prayer cards at each church!

Thank you so much for your prayers over this last month. This month, we will be on the road for our last trip of deputation. After this, we head home to pack our bags for language school! This month, please pray for:

1. Safety as we travel through much snow and ice.
2. The Lord to help us be an encouragement to churches and individuals.
3. The Lord to guide us raise our remaining support and secure our visa.

In Christ,
Jeremy, Michelle, Lila, and Ellowyn Blanz