Monday, December 30, 2013

January 2014 Prayer Letter

Dear Friends and Family,

Happy new year! We trust that you have had a wonderful Christmas and new year celebration! As always, December was a busy month for us. We were privileged to be in 5 scheduled meetings in PA, NY, and FL. This brings a few more prospects for support. For the first time since starting deputation, we only have a few open services left between now and our departure date. Thankfully, we booked one of those dates in Northern GA. We have now finished and sent off our language school applications as well as all the paperwork for Lila and Ellowyn's passports. During our home time, we made sure to take care of several appointments. Unfortunately, Jeremy had a problem tooth that required extraction. OUCH! The socket is healing well and he is now back in action!

Perhaps the greatest part of December was the celebration of our Savior's birth! On Christmas morning, we always read the Bible before opening any presents. After reading a small portion of Scripture and thanking God for the birth of Jesus, Lila insisted that we read some more Bible before opening presents! Though she has such limited knowledge, it is our greatest desire to see her know the Lord at a young age. Ellowyn is also growing quickly and is now interacting with people and toys. During our church “family Christmas” service, we dedicated baby Ellie to the Lord. For Christmas Eve, we were able to see Jeremy's family in GA. Everyone enjoyed seeing baby Ellie and her big smiles! On Christmas day, we spent the day with Michelle's parents and grandparents in FL. It was a wonderful Christmas and will be our last one before leaving for Central America.

As we look forward to 2014, this is the year we move to Central America. We have now set our departure date for Monday, April 28th. We will also work on establishing a set-up fund to go towards the costs of getting established in Costa Rica for language school. During the month of January, will you please pray for the following:

1. The Lord to provide our remaining needed support by April 2014.
2. The Lord to help us finish deputation strong and be an encouragement to the churches that we are in.
3. The Lord to guide us as we make preparations for our departure in April.

Thank you for all of your prayers! May the Lord bless you!

In Christ,
Jeremy, Michelle, Lila, and Ellowyn Blanz

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

December 2013 Prayer Letter

Dear Friends and Family,

We trust that you have had a wonderful Thanksgiving this year. For the most part, November was a great month, but it came with its share of difficulties as well. For the majority of our 3 week trip, we took turns feeling the effects of flu season. After the last meeting of our trip, we began our drive home from Michigan. During a hotel stay in Columbus, OH, we found that our car window had been smashed and hundreds of dollars in equipment was stolen. Thankfully, we were able to get a temporary fix to allow us to get home.

Although we suffered a slight setback, we thankful for what the Lord has done in November. We were privileged to be part of 1 missions conference and share our ministry in 6 other churches across the states of IN, OH, MI, NY, and FL. Between meetings, we drove over 4,000 miles. Despite having a relatively full calendar, we were able to add 2 more meetings and 1 missions conference. All of this work was not without fruit! In November, we saw 4 new supporting churches, 3 others commit to future support, as well as several other possible supporting churches. Praise the Lord!

During the week of Thanksgiving, we were able to do an early Thanksgiving meal with Jeremy's family in GA, then spend Thanksgiving with Michelle's family in TN. All of our family enjoyed meeting baby Ellie and seeing how Lila is growing up into such a sweet girl! Because we will be leaving for Nicaragua in April, this is our last Thanksgiving here in the US (apart from furlough). More than ever, we are reminded to “be thankful in all things, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus.”

As we move into December, let us remember that Christmas is about Christ, the greatest Gift ever given (John 3:16). Let us remember His Great Commission as we share the gift of Christ with the world. This month, please pray:

1. The Lord will provide our remaining support by April 2014.
2. That we will be sensitive to every opportunity the Lord gives us to share the Gospel with those around us.
3. The Lord will help us as we secure passports and prepare for our April departure.

In Christ,
Jeremy, Michelle, Lila, and Ellowyn Blanz