Monday, September 2, 2013

September 2013 Prayer Letter

Dear Friends and Family,

Summer is nearly over and we are ready for the weather to cool down! August was another busy, yet fruitful month for us. Last month, we were in scheduled meetings in 8 churches in the states of TN, WV, OH, PA, and NY. Jeremy also got to speak at a Senior service, preach at a new church plant, and bring the devotion to a Men's prayer breakfast! Between meetings, we drove well over 5,300 miles! In the month of August, we saw 5 new supporters and several churches that are good possibilities. During our time in WV, Jeremy was able to help out with youth visitation. It is always exciting to see the different ways that churches bring the gospel into the community! Despite our calendar filling up, we were still able to squeeze in some more meetings in NY, FL, and MI.

Although traveling can be very exhausting, it also has its perks! During our time in Western New York, we were able to take a family day and see Niagara Falls! Because Michelle is due for our second baby on October 2nd, she stayed home for a few meetings. This was a good opportunity to work on potty training Lila. While it is difficult to do now, it will pay off once we start traveling with two little ones! During Jeremy's time in WV, he was able to see a college friend who helped us with the Kids Club Evangelism ministry. He has now graduated Bible College and is a teacher in China! So many of our co-laborers in that ministry are now serving the Lord all over the world! It is always exciting to see how God will use his faithful servants!

As we head into September, please keep us in prayer. This month, please pray for the following:

1. Michelle and her pregnancy as we approach her due date- October 2nd
2. Jeremy- as he finishes his last two trips before the baby comes.
3. That the Lord will continue to guide, direct, and provide the support needed for us to begin our ministry in Nicaragua

In Christ,
Jeremy and Michelle Blanz