Wednesday, June 11, 2014

June 2014 Prayer Letter

Dear Friends and Family,

Last month was our first full month in Costa Rica. So much has happened, it's hard to know where to begin! First, we are both now taking full-time Spanish courses. We have also found a Spanish speaking church to attend. Due to our present lack of language, our ability to share the Gospel is somewhat limited. However, we are learning quickly! For now, we are staying active in giving out Gospel tracts, but we long for the day when we can communicate the Gospel in Spanish. For the time being, we are trying to encourage and minister to other students at the language school, as many of them will also be missionaries in Central America.

Our first full month in Central America could be characterized by the following word: “Adjustment.” For the first two weeks, everyone except Ellowyn endured sickness. After a couple weeks and a doctor visit, we are now much better! Another thing we had to adjust to was the cost. Nearly everything is significantly more expensive than the USA. However, there are a few things of interest that are cheaper: Coffee and pineapples. Thankfully, we love them both! While it may seem that life is slower, we find ourselves having less time because common tasks often take more time. Another change of pace is the result of using public transportation. Speaking of transportation, our daughter Ellowyn is now getting around by means of crawling! Despite all of our adjustments, our greatest desire is to allow God to use us while we are here in Costa Rica!

We are so thankful to have many churches and individuals who pray for us regularly. This month, please pray for the following:

1. For our family, as we adjust to a new country, language, and lifestyle.
2. That the Lord will guide us in ways to be used of Him even before we can fully communicate in Spanish.
3. That the Lord will allow us to quickly acquire the Spanish Language.

In Christ,

Jeremy, Michelle, Lila, and Ellowyn Blanz